life-changing healing

Crystal Dreaming is a technique that enables the power of crystals to temporarily raise a person’s vibration high enough to experience other dimensions and work through problems that have plagued them; sometimes over lifetimes.

Developed by Crystal Master Raym Richards, the Crystal Dreaming process can release mental blocks, unresolved relationship issues, and deep-seated phobias, and fears. It can also resolve physical issues that manifested in the body due to unresolved past life issues. Connection with your spiritual team and finding your life purpose are also possible. Through Crystal Dreaming, you are given what you need to thrive in this lifetime.  


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Your Crystals

Straight From The Source

Beautiful crystals and minerals that come straight from the source.  Picked for their beauty and vibration; they still retain that feel of the land of their birth.  They are lovingly cared for as they await you.



Awaiting their New Home


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Powerful as they are beautiful

Fresh from their travel, they are cleansed of negative energy. Then they are charged with positive Reiki energy, prior to their shipment to you.